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Power Up Green Machine Smoothies


Green smoothies blend fresh fruits and dark leafy greens together to give you energy by enjoying  a fast healthy meal which will transform your body from the inside out. The power is ON!

Makes approximately 6 – 8 servings.

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Organic Spinach : 454 g / 16 oz
Kale : 454 g / 16 oz.
Coconut Milk : 3-1 l / 34 fl oz
Coconut Water : 3 Count
Avocado  : 1.35 kg / 3 lbs
Banana: 1.35 kg / 3 lbs
Mango: 4
Pineapple: 2
Blueberries : 454 g / 16 oz.
Organic Strawberries : 454 g / 16 oz.
Organic Chia : 250 g / 9 oz

*Spanish/English recipe included with each breakfast kit.


Blend 2 cups leafy greens and 2 cups liquid base of your choice together first.  Add 3 cups of fruits and blend again making sure to use at least one frozen fruit to chill the smoothie. Sprinkle organic chia on the top and enjoy!

*This recipe yields 32 oz and serves two people. All you need to do is rinse, repeat, enjoy smoothies galore with this breakfast kit supply bounty!