Wine and Cheese Bundle


This package contains a cheese platter, a bundle of grapes and two bottles of sparkling (non alcoholic) cider and a package of crackers.  But check out all the add ons!

Select your favorite wines

Choose as many as you wish, includes one bottle for each, if you want to substitute, tell us in the special requests section.

Upgrade your wine Budget

You won't be sorry you did! We will disburse your budget amongst your chosen bottles.

Ah....Why not, lets celebrate! Champagne

Carne and Crackers

All cheese needs some company!

Add some more grapes

The kids are always stealing them....

Add more sparkly for the kids

More non-alcoholic cider


Lots of wine, we will surprise you, you just pick the type and price range.  And throw in some prociutto, or a salami, or more grapes…….

If you have a specific wine you want us to look for, just add it to the section designated for this.  And if you want to shop more specifically for wines, check out our a la carte section, most wines are listed there.

Remember, these packages are rough estimates of total cost, in the end you only pay the actual purchase price plus our fees.  So, in case you were asking yourself, “Hey they are charging a specific price for a price range of wines?  How does that work?”  You will receive copies of all receipts so you will know how much that wine will cost you when you go to look for it back home yearning for memories of vacation!