Healthy Lunch Bundle


Now don’t get me wrong, I looove Mexican food and all of the rich flavors that come with it. But sometimes I crave a big salad and all the fixings just like a fish out of water. If you throw a veggie burger in the mix with a couple of other tasty sides, I am floating on Cloud Number Nine. The Healthy Lunch Bundle sets you up with just that…now get after it and float on!

Mini Romaine Lettuce (4)
Organic Arugula 6 oz
Red Bell Pepper 2 lbs
Radish Cambray 1 lb
Tomato 2 lbs
Carrots 2 lbs
Cucumber 1 lb
Purple Onion 2 lbs
Beets 1 lb
Gavilla Oregano & Marjoram Dressing 8 oz
Fresh Gourmet Italian Croutons 5 oz
Avocado 2 lbs
Melba Toast Sesame Rounds 3 oz
Bel Mini Babybel Individual Cheeses (5)
Libanius Hummus 10 oz
Superfoods Organic Veggie Burgers (12)
Ciabatta (12)
Nature’s Heart Quinoa Seasoned Mediterranean 9 oz
Organic Tabbouleh 10 oz
Perrier Mineral Water 11 oz (24)