Fruit Bundle


We have created a basic fruit package that includes a bevy of delicious, healthy options for your holiday enjoyment. But don’t forget, you have arrived in the tropics where fresh, local tropical fruits do a happy dance for your taste buds! Upgrade your fruit bundle with this tropical surprise package created with a selection of in-season goodness.

Bananas 2 lbs
Red Apple 3 lbs
Strawberries 32 oz
Mandarins 4 lbs
Cantaloupe (1)
Oranges 3 lbs
Limes 2 lbs
Pineapple (1)
Grapefruit 2 lbs
Watermelon 2 lbs
Red Grapes 2 lbs

  • Totally Tropical!

    Tropical fruit doesn't get any fresher than this! Add the Totally Tropical upgrade and add the following delicious fruits to your package:

    Papaya 1 lb

    Guava 3 lbs

    Mango Ataulfo 2 lbs

    Mamey 2 lbs

    Pomegranate 1 lb

    Star Fruit 1 lb

    Honeydew Melon (1)

    Mango Paraíso 2 lb

  • Price: $40.00
  • $0.00