Casual Breakfast Bundle


The Casual Breakfast Bundle is a wide array of comfort foods that will keep troops in a happy place before the day’s adventures begin. This breakfast bundle is intended to provide several hearty breakfasts for four people for approximately a week give or take based on your appetite!

Whole Organic Milk 34 oz (2 boxes)
Nature’s Heart Almond and Coconut Drink 34 oz
100% Natural Orange Juice 34 oz
100% Natural Grape Juice 34 oz
100% Natural Apple Juice 34 oz
Café de la O Organic Coffee 1 lb
Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea Sampler 18 bags
Tia Ofelia Honey 7 oz
Coffee Mate Creamer 12 oz
Choco-Milk Drink Flavoring 14 oz
Oikos Greek Yogurt 14 oz (2 containers)
Frozen Strawberries & Bananas
New York Deli English Muffins (8)
Einstein Bagels Sesame (6)
Gloria Gourmet Butter 8 oz
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz (2)
Aires de Campo Organic Tropical Fruit Marmalade 9 oz
Nutella 12 oz
Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter 12 oz
Organic Eggs 1 dozen
Filippo Berio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 7 oz
Garlic Bulb (2)
Purple Onion 2 lbs
Tomato 2 lbs
Heinz Ketchup 14 oz
McCain Frozen Hashbrowns (16)
Tia Rosa Flour Tortillas (24)
Sabori Bacon 1 lb (2 packages)
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix 17 oz
Log Cabin Maple Syrup 33 oz
Oat Revolution Instant Steel Cut Oats Apple Cinnamon (8 packs)
Kellogg’s Variety Pack Cereal (8 boxes)
Bananas 2 lbs
Bag of Red Apples 3 lbs