Bistro Snack Bundle


The Bistro Snack Bundle is an indulgent experience with tantalizing options that satisfies both sweet and salty cravings. The large quantities of this bundle will keep the happiness flowing as there is plenty of yumminess to go around. Cleanse your palette with a gulp of ice cold Perrier water or tickle your fancy with the sparkling fresh flavors of Orangina…ahhh. Feeling good, feeling great!

Apple Strudel (8 portions)
Pepperidge Farm Cookies Chessmen
Pepperidge Farm Cookies Strawberry
Arla Gouda Rounds 6 oz
President Brie Cheese 7 oz
Mary’s Gone Crackers 10 oz (2 boxes)
Obela Classic Hummus 20 oz
Kettle Chips- Sea Salt 32 oz
Salted Cashews 1 lb
Perrier Mineral Water 11 oz (24 bottles)
Orangina Sparkling Citrus Beverage 10 oz (8 bottles)