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We're Busy Burro. It's great to meet you!

Here's the thing amigos...

You have two choices to make here. Do you choose to create the vacation of your dreams filled with Oscar-worthy moments of glory? Or, do you choose the hohum, “made-for-television” version of a vacation that no one wants to hear about? Each vacation style is as different and unique as the sunsets in Sayulita...where will your imagination lead you?

When you take the creative reins of your vacation into your own hands, you are climbing into the burro’s saddle, ready to ride into the sunset with a storybook of extraordinary memories that will last a lifetime. Yeehaw, now that’s cooking with gas, Amigos!

The Busy Burro Origin Story

Busy Burro believes that your vacation time is more precious than gold.

Why waste your valuable commodity of time on mundane tasks like grocery shopping, the logistics of tour planning, or trolling the internet to find the answer to your questions when you could spend your time lavishly enjoying the best version of your perfect day and leaving the work to the burro...the Busy Burro, that is.

With our three years of “flip-flops to the sand”, full-time living in the pueblo of Sayulita and the fifteen years previously of vacationing in Sayulita as often as possible, we’ve learned some important lessons:

Lesson One: You can’t know it all.
Lesson Two: You can’t do it all.
Lesson Three: There are people who can help you accomplish Lesson One and Lesson Two with ease and professionalism.

Busy Burro will help you make your vacation one that we call a MexiCAN vacation; not a MexiCAN’T by using our solid connections within the local community and our CAN-DO spirit that has propelled our family throughout Mexico and beyond in our own version of creating extraordinary memories that last a lifetime.

It is our spirit of adventure and our desire to share the wealth of beautiful experiences that are plentiful in this incredible location of the Riviera Nayarit that have become the driving forces behind Busy Burro. But, to put it another way, basically, we like to have fun and make friends...and we’re pretty good at it. ¡Saludos!

After planning our own special kind of something Sayulita beach wedding in 2005 and more recently, building our permanent home at Rancho Poco a Poco in the countryside of Sayulita, we’ve sprouted roots in this special community that blends together different approaches to living a good life.

Our respect for the hard-working people of this community is reflected in our desire to share the wealth of our lifestyle of enjoying artisan speciality foods produced locally, spread the information in order to access many exceptional day trip adventures including zip-lines, hiking, biking and horse riding in a high-end horse arena with a well-known instructor, or by introducing our family friends to you for an in-house traditional Mexican cooking lessons, by support several extraordinary massage therapists who have saved our necks, encouraging you to enjoy water photography sessions for your family with our professional photographer friends who capture those true glimpses of pure bliss found in the warm of Sayulita oceans.

Whew...and the list goes on. Life is good and we are happy to share it with you. ¡Bienvenidos!

Let Busy Burro do the heaving lifting.

You've worked hard for this vacation - the least you can do is enjoy it. Let us take care of all of the shopping, planning and booking for you, so you can get on with the business of relaxin'.

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